Red State Wireless provides mobile service to Americans in red states and those fighting to turn theirs red too. We are part of the larger movement to take back our economy from woke liberals who, for years, have been consolidating power and influence and using it to poison the culture and threaten our American way of life.

From Sea To Shining Sea

We cover millions of people with 5G on America's largest network


You wouldn’t give a liberal the keys to your house — Why are you giving your money and personal information to big wireless companies that own fake news media? We DO NOT sell your data.

Customer Service

When you call our customer service, you speak to an American

Family Values

Thinking about a first cell phone for your child? Protect their privacy and shield them from Big Tech oppression with Red State Wireless


Unlike other wireless providers, Red State Wireless has never and will never give money to any liberals or members of the radical left


We believe that blue lives matter and we support our police and first responders to be TOUGH ON CRIMINALS

Don’t let cancel culture put you on hold - come join the fight today

Switching to Red State Wireless Is Easy

Ready to join the first privacy-based network for conservative Americans? Check your phone’s compatibility or purchase the latest devices from us to get started! No contracts EVER!

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